Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Whats Important.

I think recently people have forgotten whats important. I dont care if you have a job, or a car or money or your own house as long as your in my life and you have time for me thats all i care about. There are 3 things that are the most important to me.

1) My Family. My mom is my best friend. always has been. My grandparents are my life. I have 2 brothers and yes they drive me crazy but they are family. My cousins I watch like they were my kids, im over protected of them, i know i can always count on my family if I ever needed anything or they needed something they have me. After my aunt passed away i learned the true meaning of family, i learned whos greedy, whos really not there, whos fake, whos always going to be there and who loves you no matter if its real family or not. Ill never trade them for anything.

2) My god son. Hes changed my world, hes my main man. prob the best thing that has ever happened to me. i would do anything for him. Im as over protected of him as i am my family. i cant describe in words how much this kid means to me. love you jay :)

3) My friends! i love my friends. they keep me sane. i can go to them for anything, we have fun, laugh, cry, talk, jam out to music and dance and sing while driving and not care what others think.  if i didnt have the friends that i did i would prob go crazy. most of them i see us getting old and sitting on the front deck yelling at our husbands to get off xbox or stop talking about cars and come talk to us :)

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