Monday, November 14, 2011

Fun facts:
My name is meagan. I go by meg, pooh and meggers, i have other nicknames but only certain people call me them. Im 21 years old. Born on Jan 13th. Im currently single. I have 2 tattoos. Ive had my tongue and lip pierced. Im thinking about getting my lip done again and my tattoos redone and add a few more. I dye my hair alot, ive had red, brown, blonde, black underneath. I have 2 dogs and a cat

I work at ntelos and also have my own photography business (Peaceful Mind Photography). I just started the business but ive been doing pictures for about 6 years now. I drive a 2005 Honda Accord. I dont have any kids but my cousins and nephews and neices are my life and i treat them just like them were my own. This blog will be a little of me and also my photography pages. Its going to be a fun mixture!

Tattoos (more to come)
My cell phone <3
Call of Duty (game freak!)
Hanging out with friends and family
Beach Bum
Party (sometimes)
Dogs, Cats, Dolphins
Dear John <3
Megan Fox!
Disney Movies (im a kid at heart)
Sleeping (:
Harry Potter
Music. any kind

Spiders, Sharks
Riding rollercoasters with a hangover (dont ever do!)
Fake people and everything that comes with that title
People that copy my work
Working all the time

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